We encourage you to nominate an exceptional North Shore artist for the FANS Distinguished Artist Award. The 2017 nominations are open.

Nominations Must Include:

  1. Cover Letter: (1 page max) explaining who you are and why you are nominating your candidate.
  2. Succinct Paragraph: (250 word max) summarizing the highlights of your candidate’s career in the arts.
  3. Candidate’s Documentation: To provide the FANS Society with a clear understanding your candidate’s career. (Examples: resume or CV, digital images, audio recordings, video, media clippings, relevant web links.
  4. Fill out the application form and send.


Download the 2017 Distinguished Artist Award nomination form.

TheFANS Distinguished Artist Award is intended to publically recognize and honour North and West Vancouver artists who have created a substantial, nationally recognized body of work in performing, visual, literary or media arts.

The first FANS Distinguished Artist Award was presented in 1995 and subsequently this prestigious award has been given to many of the North Shore’s best actors, painters, poets, First Nation carvers, musicians and composers. FANS believes that through this Award we are fostering an important creative legacy that both celebrates outstanding artistic careers and bears witness to the heights that can be achieved when artists follow their dreams.

North Vancouver and West Vancouver are fortunate to have an abundance of talented artists with acclaimed careers, making them creative treasures in our community.

Over the past decade, FANS has been pleased to recognize the artistic achievements of the following distinguished North Shore artists: Robert Clothier, Elizabeth Smily, Jean Coulthard, Roy Forbes, Luman & Aryln Coad, Arnold Shives, Norman Tait, Bryan Adams, Michael Conway Baker, Daniel Izzard, Dee Daniels, Lyle Sopel, Judith Marcuse, Peter Kiss, Gerald Van Wyck, Don S. Williams, Michael Binkley, Xwa Lack Tun, Ross Penhall, Nicola Cavendish, Charles van Sandwyck, Jay Brazeau, Anna Wyman, Douglas Coupland, Bobbie Burgers, Pierre Coupey, Brent Comber, Shari Ulrich, Gene Ramsbottom, Cori Creed, Judith Marcus, Lynn Johnston.

The FANS Society is seeking nominations for the 2017 FANS Distinguished Artist Award and encourages your nominations.