Are you a North Shore artist in need of funding assistance to realize a creative project, pursue new training or develop new marketing materials? If so, the Fund for the Arts on the North Shore (FANS) is here to help. Over the years, the FANS Don S. Williams Grant Program has provided local artists with cash grants, to assist in the pursuit of their creative goals. Grants are available to both emerging and established North or West Vancouver artists, who are currently active in their particular discipline.

Successful applicants will be awarded their cash grants at the annual FANS Tribute to the Arts event in early November.

This annual cash grant is intended to assist emerging and established North and West Vancouver artist(s) of all ages who are interested in developing their practice.

Funds for this grant are generated through the investment income earned from the FANS Endowment. Average grants in years past have totaled $4000- $5,000. FANS anticipates a similar Budget for 2018.

Applicants may apply for support under one of the following categories:

 Artistic Production: Supports the creation of new artwork being produced with the goal of eventual public presentation. (exhibition or performance).

 Marketing Development: Supports the development of an artist’s career. This may include the creation of marketing materials and/or other tools to help promote their work, skills or creative services. Examples of eligible activity include: website development, portfolios, social networks, music recording, video recording, etc.

 Artistic Research or Professional Development: Supports independent research at a key time in the artistic practice of the applicant. The proposed activity must demonstrate the capacity to advance or expand the artist’s practice. Examples of eligible activity: educational course, artist mentorship, arts conference, specialized research, etc.

 Other: Individual artists may be interested in support for creative activity that does not fit into one of the above noted categories. Artists in this situation may submit an application but must elaborate on the specifics of the artistic work and the outcomes for which they seek funding assistance.